Home Delivery

Prism Enterprises is a new way to shop for home appliances. We’ll deliver anything you want in just a few minutes, anytime you want it, at any store you want! We offer the latest in home appliances and offer quick delivery. We are your one stop shop for all of your Electrical appliance needs. Prism Enterprises is an on-demand same-day appliance delivery service.

Appliances Installation

Prism Enterprise offers premium services for the installation of appliances in homes and at offices, as well as repairing  a range of appliances. With our home and office services, we offer the installation of new appliances with qualified technicians who will even make sure that your old as well as appliance is disposed of properly.

Repairing Services

Repair of home appliances 
By pressing a single button, Prism Enterprises Team enables you to connect with experts who can provide appliance service right at your home. Our Appliance Repair in provides on-demand services for Electrical appliances installation, and  repair, as well as for induction, inverter, geyser, water purifier, mixture, chimney, gas stove burner, and other appliances.